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Integrated nutrient management (INM) is a well-accepted approach for the sustainable management of soil productivity and increased crop production. To implement this approach successfully, well-equipped testing laboratories are needed in order to analysis the soil, water and plant as well as nutrient supplying capacities of various sources.

Accurate and timely analysis helps in determining the precise requirements of plant nutrients so as to manage their supply through various sources.

A state of the art soil, water, plant and fertilizer analysis laboratory was established and started providing analytical services to farmers of Nasik district. With the help of trained qualified staff, modern analytical instruments and timely service, the geographical reach of laboratory now crossed state borders. Thousands of farmers are availing laboratory services and are satisfied with the guidance.

Along with the accurate analysis of samples, we provide expert guidance on selection of right kind of fertilizer, its quantity, time and method of application. Our fertilizer recommendation service based on analysis report is gaining popularity among the farmers and it is helping them not only to minimize cost of inputs but it is also proving helpful to get desired yield and quality of the produce without affecting soil or environment health.

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