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Total Amino Acids – 80 %
Fillers and Carriers – 20 %
Solubility in Water: 98 %

Brief Description

AM STAR is a natural mixture of essential amino acids required by the crop plants for improving the color, size, quality and shelf life of fruits and vegetables. It helps the plant to generate its own proteins and increasing the crop resistance against adverse weather conditions.


  • AM STAR acts as chelate and binding agent, attaching to a variety nutrients and trace minerals in soils, helping plants to absorb them effectively.
  • AM STAR prevents nutrient deficiencies, while improving the overall health of plants.
  • AM STAR exponentially increase beneficial microbes in soils thereby facilitating the assimilation of nutrients.
  • AM STAR improves plant defenses / stress resilience (transplant, insects, pathogens, temperature and drought tolerance)
  • AM STAR increases chlorophyll concentration in the plant leading to higher degree of photosynthesis.
  • AM STAR acts as effective plant growth enhancer.
  • AM STAR improves the quality and shelf-life of fruit and vegetables.
  • AM STAR promotes ripening and colour development process in fruits.

Dosage and Method of Application

AM STAR can be mixed with organic manures and fertilizers or used directly during fertigation.

Soil Application (Per Acre)

Mix 500 gm - 1 kg AM STAR with chemical fertilizer or organic manure.

Fertigation (Per Acre)

Dissolve 500 gm AM STAR in water and apply in the root zone through drip system.


Mix 5 gm AM STAR in 1 liter of water and apply near root zone by drenching.

Foliar Application

Mix 2 gm AM STAR in 1 liter of water and spray in the morning or evening.


500 gm / 1000 gm

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