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Bhu Paripurna (Neem Fruit Powder)

In organic farming various types of oil seeds cakes are used for natural source of nutrient. Being an excellent organic fertilizer it combines NPK, and has micronutrients with pesticidal action. High nitrogen content of 4.5% and azadiractin content of 700ppm makes it very popular among the organic farmers and is highly effective against soil borne pests and nematodes. In Bhu Paripurna (Neem Fruit Powder) primary, secondary and micro nutrients are available for increases crop growth, quantity and quality.

Contents in Bhu Paripurna (Neem Fruit Powder)

Parameters Quantity
Azadiractin 700 ppm
Oil quantity 11.25 %
Nitrogen 4.5 %
Phosphorous 0.40 %
Potassium 0.96 %
Proteins 28.12 %


  • In Bhu Paripurna neem oil and azadiractin in Bhu Paripurna manages soil insect and pest like termites, white grub and mealy bugs and to protect the crops from the insect attack.
  • Bhu Paripurna can be soaked in water overnight and extract can be used for spray as insecticide.
  • Bhu Paripurna is used for to manage the fungal diseases.
  • Promotes growth of beneficial microorganisms.
  • It contains primary, secondary and micronutrient for crop growth.
  • It can be combined with any nitrogenous fertilizer for better results and urea to prevent the loss of nitrogen due to leaching & microbial action.
  • It increases the physical, chemical and biological properties in soil.
  • Use of Bhu Paripurna to increases the soil porosity and increases the organic carbon.
  • Protein acts as booster for micro organisms.
  • Azadiractin acts as systemic insecticide / fungicides.
  • Slow release nutrient sources.
  • Helps in nematode management.


25kg Bag

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