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Bhu Samruddhi (Karanj cake)

Bhu Samruddhi (karanj cake) is made by crushing medicinal karanj seeds. Offered cakes have micronutrient and excellent quality NPK. It helps in controlling Nematode and has proved as one of the highly efficient natural fertilizer. Bhu Samruddhi (karanj cake) contains high N-P-K values, and it is really an excellent organic fertilizer. Being totally botanical product it contains 100% natural. The cake when applied to the soil, also has a pesticides value, particularly against nematodes, and others similar diseases. As a natural fertilizer, it can be mixed with chemical fertilizers to give a synergic result. It plays vital role in reclaiming waste land, saline and alkaline, acidic soils and desert soils. These soils can be converted into potential cultivable land by using Bhu Samruddhi (karanj cake). Bhu Samruddhi (karanj cake) is suitable for application on Cereals, Millets, Pulses, Oilseeds, Fibre Crops, Sugar Crops, Forage Crops, Plantation crops, Vegetables, Fruits, Spices, Flowers, Medicinal crops, Aromatic Crops, Orchards and Ornamentals.

Contents in Bhu Samruddhi (karanj cake)

Parameters Quantity
Nitrogen 4.56 %
Phosphorous 0.78 %
Potassium 1.15 %
Proteins 28.50 %


  • Bhu samruddhi (karanj cake) is rich source of NPK, Ca, Mg, S and micro nutrients.
  • It protects the plant from diseases.
  • It acts as a pest repellent and protects the roots of crops from Nematodes.
  • It improves soil texture, pH, Oxygen level, nutrient status and soil structure.
  • It supplements humus and increases the water holding capacity.
  • It is truly organic manure which enhances the fertility of the soil.
  • It improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil.
  • It improves the yield & quality of the farm produce.
  • It improves immunity power to the crops.
  • Bhu samruddhi (karanj cake) dual acting fertilizer as well as Pesticides.


50kg Bag

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