BIO COMPACT Decomposing Culture

BIO COMPACT is specially developed for composting organic wastes. This ecofriendly compost starter culture helps to accelerate the organic matter decomposition with increased humification and shortened composting time. It is harmless to human beings, animals, birds and plants and it is fully biodegradable.


  • It accelerates the decomposition process of kitchen waste, plant leaves, paper shreds and other biodegradable organic matter.
  • Pathogens, pests and weed seeds are totally eliminated by organic matter decomposition.
  • It produces growth stimulants that are required for plant growth. Hence the resultant compost is beneficial.
  • It minimizes odor nuisances and helps in maintaining hygienic conditions

How to use

Mix Bio Compact with organic waste in alternate layers. 500 gm of Bio Compact is sufficient for decomposing organic matter of about 100 kg. Maintain moisture level of 25 - 35 % after mixing Bio Compact with organic waste.

The fully decomposed material can be directly used by applying it to potted and garden plants.


500 g

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