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Total Silica: 98 %
Fillers and carriers: 2 %

Brief Description

BIO FERTISIL improves uptake of nutrients and transport in the plant. It improves the immunity of plants towards pests and diseases. BIO FERTISIL contains Silica in easily assimilable form that can be easily absorbed by plants. It provides luster to fruits and colour to leaves. It increases the availability of Nutrients to the plants. It enhances photosynthesis, reproduction and increases pollen fertility. It strengthens the outer cell wall layer, thus protecting plants from pest and disease attack.


  • BIO FERTISIL works excellent on leaf surface by enhancing the strength of leaves and improving resistance to sucking pest infestation.
  • BIO FERTISIL thickens the cell wall of the leaves and increases the photosynthetic activity in plants.
  • Use of BIO FERTISIL gives immunity to the plant and hence reduces the chemical spray which leads to residue free production.
  • BIO FERTISIL keeps the plant healthy and gives tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses.
  • BIO FERTISIL helps to maintain appropriate internodal distance to increase the maximum bearing ability of plant.
  • BIO FERTISIL increases number of tillers, fruitful branches, improves flag leaf angle, reduces lodging etc.
  • BIO FERTISIL improves ripening, it increases flexibility of branches and quality of fruits, increases shelf life and reduces transpiration rate.
  • BIO FERTISIL interacts positively with applied major and trace elements improving their agronomic performance and efficiency.

Dosage and Method of Application

BIO FERTISIL can be mixed with organic manures and fertilizers, root application or used directly during fertigation.

Soil Application (Per Acre)

Mix 1-2 kg BIO FERTISIL with chemical fertilizer or organic manure.

Fertigation (Per Acre)

Dissolve 1-2 kg BIO FERTISIL in water and apply in the root zone through drip system.


Mix 5-10 gm BIO FERTISIL in 1 lit of water and apply near root zone by drenching.


1000 gm

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