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100 % Natural Neem Fruit Powder specially packed for Home and Kitchen Gardens. Effective on soil pest / diseases and provides all essential nutrients to the plants.

Bio Neem Rich is made from high quality neem fruits without extracting oil from it. The high oil content in the product helps in long term protection of plants from pests and diseases. It also supplies all essential nutrients in natural form to the growing plants.


  • Made from high quality dried neem fruits. Provides long term results.
  • The natural Ingredients of the product repel and manage variety of pests and diseases occurring in soil.
  • Excellent source of essential nutrients required for plant growth.
  • Improves soil structure thereby making it suitable for growing variety of plants.
  • Provides dual benefit of plant protection and plant nutrition.
  • 100 % natural and free from chemicals.

Usage Instructions

Mix recommended dose in top layer of soil followed by light watering.

  • Potted Plants (flowers / Vegetables / Ornamentals): 25-50 gm per plant per month.
  • Garden Plants / Trees: 50-100 gm per plant per month.
  • Kitchen Garden and Lawns: 200-400 gm per sq. M per month.
  • Boosted results when used with BIO GARDEN RICH manure mix.


500 gm

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