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BIO PEARL Horticulture Grade Perlite

Weed free, light weight, sterile and pH neutral growing medium. Ideal for pots, containers, and home gardening. Provides aeration and retains optimum moisture for superior plant growth.


  • BIO PEARL makes moisture, oxygen and nutrients readily available to plants.
  • The granular quality provides quick draining of excess moisture and allows space for oxygen.
  • BIO PEARL provides more constant moisture status around the roots at all times irrespective of weather or stage of root growth.
  • BIO PEARL culture avoids wastage of water and nutrients.

How to use

As Potting Medium: Use BIO PEARL, soil and manure in 1:1:1 proportion for pot filling.

For Hydroponics / Orchids: Fill the pots with required amount of BIO PEARL before planting.

Potted plants: Mix 50 - 100 gm of BIO PEARL in top layer of soil followed by light watering.


250 gm

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