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Completely organic soil conditioner for better soil aeration, avoids nutrient loss and promotes root development of plants


  • Excellent soil conditioner and can retain moisture up to eight times of its volume; thus plants require less watering.
  • Increases soil aeration and avoids soil compactness thereby helps in healthy root development.
  • Prevents nutrient loss and retains nutrients for longer time.
  • Consistent and uniform in texture with ideal limits of pH and EC.
  • Increases physical properties of pot soil and helps in better growth of plants.
  • Made from odourless and sterile material. Easy to handle.

Usage Instructions

  • As potting media: mix BIO ROOT RICH, soil and manure in 1:1:1 proportion for pot filling.
  • For potted plants: Mix 50-100 gm of BIO ROOT RICH in top layer of soil followed by light watering.
  • Garden plants/ trees: 300-400 gm BIO ROOT RICH per plant once in a year. Mix uniformly with soil.
  • Kitchen garden and lawns: 500 gm BIO ROOT RICH per sq. M. Per season. Mix uniformly with soil.
  • For best results, use with BIO GARDEN RICH and BIO NEEM RICH.


650 gm

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