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Bhu Samruddhi® (Bone Meal Raw)

Bhu Samruddhi® (Bone Meal Raw) is a mixture of finely and coarsely ground animal bones and slaughter-house waste products. This is manufactured with steaming process and thus sterile and free from any harmful organism. It is used as an organic fertilizer for plants, as a slow-release fertilizer. Bone meal is primarily used as a source of phosphorus and protein. It is traditionally used for encouraging strong root growth or to get plants off to a good start to the season. It is 100 % pure and is high in phosphorous. It stimulates root growth and flower and fruit production in all crops. Bhu Samruddhi® (Bone Meal Raw) continues to release phosphorous into the soil for about four months after application. This fertilizer is perfect to use if your flowering plants need a phosphorous boost and it is recommended to add bone meal to the soil during planting.

Contents in Bhu Samruddhi® (Bone Meal Raw)

Parameters Contents
Nitrogen 3.0 – 4.0 %
Total Phosphorous (P2O5) 20.0 – 20.5 %
Available Phosphorous (P2O5) 17 – 20 %

Bhu Samruddhi® (Bone Meal Raw) prevents the problem of yield reduction due to repeated cultivation and acidification.

Help to grow healthy roots by promoting natural microbes that are beneficial for soil Have a good absorption capability.

In fruits, vegetables or lawns, it helps to prevent early aging by growing healthy roots. Improve fruit color and sugar content.

When using as a basal fertilizer, it promotes the propagation of benign microbes

It helps in transforming insoluble phosphoric acid into soluble form and prevents physiological diseases by reducing salt problem and sap movement.


  • Bhu Samruddhi® (Bone Meal Raw) contains high amounts of phosphorous, as well as some nitrogen.
  • Bhu Samruddhi® (Bone Meal Raw) is a powder made from ground up bones. The bones most commonly used for bone meal fertilizer are beef bones. However, the powder can be made from the bones of any animals typically used as a food source.
  • Bhu Samruddhi® (Bone Meal Raw) helps in production of bigger, healthier flowers.

Doses and Application

300 to 500 kg per acre at the time of sowing / planting.

1: 1 proportion with chemical fertilizer through soil application.


50 Kg Bag

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