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Bucket Trap

Bucket trap with interlocking plastic vanes is the most suitable trap for monitoring red palm weevil and rhinoceros beetle. Pheromone lure can be attached with plastic vanes. Simple to assemble and hook in every farm field, its easy for maintenance and removal of dead flies enable multi-season use.

Crops: Coconut

Trap density: 2 traps per acre

Trap position:

Trap can be placed in between two trees approximately 1.5-2 meters high from ground level.

Lures handling:

Pheromone lures are very sensitive tool. They can be affected by exposure to elevated heat and direct sunshine. Direct touching by hand may cause cross contamination leading to mixed catches in the trap. Some contaminants such as Nicotine may have repellent effect reducing trap catch.


The system consists of three heavy – duty parts, which slide into each other effortlessly. The trap is suspended by a wire / string using the top dome lid attachment. The lure which attracts the insects is placed inside the dome lid. These traps are used for mass trapping and monitoring of rhinoceros beetle and red palm weevil.

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