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The cotton seed cake is the residue left after the extraction of cotton seed oil from the seeds. This residue is also very useful from many aspects, for producing biofertilizer it is used as an essential raw material. Now-a-days bio-fertilizers are capturing the field of chemical fertilizers due to cheap availability, low cost & no side effect on land. So the use of cotton seed cake is also increasing in bio-fertilizer industries. This is a premium, natural, slow-release fertilizer that can be used alone or with other natural fertilizers.

Contents in Cotton seed cake

Parameters Quantity
Oil 3.21 %
Moisture 9.25 %
Crude Protein 14.56%

Benefits of Catton Seed Cake

  • A side benefit is that it has an acidic affect on your soil. This can benefit those soils that have a high pH.
  • This organic fertilizer's nutrients are most readily available in warm soils, and there's very little danger of nitrogen burn.
  • The nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and micro nutrients are released slowly and therefore are available for extended periods of time.
  • It may be applied in liberal amounts because it will not burn leaves and resists losses by soil leaching.
  • The natural matter it provides improves soil texture and helps conserve soil moisture.
  • Increases organic carbon and increase water holding capacity in soil.
  • Increases crops and soil immunity power.
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