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Fruit fly trap

Fruit fly traps are one of the important components of IPM in Horticultural eco system. It informs the intensity of pest on daily basis and functions as an early alarming system. Using the data, cultivator can plan for necessary pest control measures in time even before egg laying. Thus, they are very beneficial to farmers and environment by providing data for exact timing of pest control measures.

Used for monitoring and mass trapping also called as MAT (Male annihilation technique) of Bactrocera species.


Grape, Pomegranate, Mango, Sapota, Sweet orange, Mandrin orange, lemon, Guava, Fig, Papaya, Water melon, Musk melon, Pumpkin, Cucumber, Bottle Gourd, Ridge Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Tinda, Parwal.

Target Pest:

Bactrocera Dorsalis and Bactrocera Cucurbitae


  • It is cheaper, simpler, easy to use and maintain.
  • Specially designed trap for all types of fruit flies.
  • Helps to monitor & detect whether Fruit flies are present in the field.
  • Helps in reducing the damage to the crop.
  • Does not harm beneficial insects.
  • Easy to monitor the trapped fruit flies.
  • Can install easily.
  • Wind and waterproof.
  • Long lasting and durable.
  • Best design for catching more insects – 3 times more catches than any other trap.
  • Eco-friendly design – doesn’t allow beneficial and pollinating insects.
  • Easy to observe catches and maintain records
  • More traps can be serviced in short time.
  • Preserves insects for monitoring different species.
  • Can hold more than 3000 flies. Requires few visits to clean.
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