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Horticulture Guidance Cell

Bio Organic group is engaged in farmer’s service since last 25 years through its quality organic inputs and laboratory services. The Company has interacted with thousands of farmers during the tenure and closely followed farmer’s experiences about farming.

Considering the gap of quality technical knowledge, the company is providing technical consultancy service through horticulture guidance cell. The Indian agriculture sector is dynamic and it is developing with un imaginable speed. The journey of the sector towards scientific and technical farmers as a business from traditional farming requires timely technical inputs.

To provide advanced technical knowledge and to bridge the gap between research institutes and farmers, the service of horticulture guidance cell is of most important. Technical knowledge about plant nutrition and plant protection is of prime importance for the farmer and it is difficult for him to cope up with ever changing technologies.

Through the cell, the company aims at providing scientific inputs with respect to selection of crop, planting, integrated management of nutrient, pest, diseases and weeds, improvement in yield and quality of crops, organic from etc. Whenever required the field visit of scientist are also arranged under this guidance cell activity. To avail services, farmer can get in touch with company through email info@bioorganic.co.in or through phone 9822074864.

The services are provided by experienced scientist from various fields of agriculture.

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