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Jai Phos (Potash) (Plant Based P&K Rich Manure)

Phosphorous rank is importance with N and K as major plant nutrients. Phosphorus is an essential nutrient required by plants that is primarily responsible for healthy root development and fruit and flower production. It is essential in Integrated Nutrient Management to reduce use of chemical fertilizers by providing suitable organic alternatives to chemical fertilizers. ‘JAI PHOS’ containing 15-20% K2O and 20-25% P2O5 in Organic form. It is made from totally organic sources and also contains secondary and micronutrients. It is very good substitute for P and K fertilizers. About 85% of the phosphorus applied through inorganic fertilizers gets fixed in soil; whereas phosphorous in JAI PHOS is available maximum to the plants and thus is economical.

The product is being widely used fruit, vegetable flower and food crop cultivation. Apart from supplying major, macro and micro nutrients, it helps in improving soil health thereby helping farmers to overcome soil problems related with excessive chemical fertilizer use.

Parameters Quantity
Phosphorous 27.51 %
Potassium 19.52 %

Benefits and specialty of Jai Phos (Potash)

  • Organic source of phosphorus, potash, macro and micronutrients.
  • Long term, slow-release feeding as the plant needs it.
  • The nutrients become naturally available, as the plant needs it.
  • Boosting root growth and good rooting so that plants will be able to absorb more soil elements.
  • Accelerating production of flowers and maturity of fruits & seeds.
  • Increase percentage of flowers transforming into fruits & seeds.
  • Adding to the plants’ durability against pests and diseases.
  • Boosts microbial activity in soil.
  • Promotes overall soil health.
  • Perfect substitute for chemical fertilizers.


25kg Bag

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