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Botanical Extract – 90%
Emulsifier – 10%

Brief Description

K-OIL is natural botanical extract for effective management of economically important pests of crops such as Whitefly, Aphids, Thrips, Mites, Caterpillars and Leafhoppers among wide range of crops. It does not create resistance, resurgence and residues problem. It is safe to parasites and predators and offers a long lasting effect.

Detailed Description

K-OIL contains botanical extract which effects over 600 species of pests including insects, nematodes, fungi and viruses and is completely safe to non target organisms like beneficial predators, honey bees, pollinators, fish, birds, cattle and human beings.

K-OIL is a natural Anti-feedent, growth regulator and ovi-positional repellent for insects which makes it a perfect alternative to chemicals. It is Non-Toxic, Bio-degradable and Eco-friendly. It acts as Insect Repellent, stops sucking and eating damage of leaves by insects. It reduces the laying and hatching off eggs by insects. Compatible and harmless compared to chemicals.


Mix 4-5 ml K-OIL in 1 liter of water and spray evenly preferably in the morning or evening.


1000 ml / 5000 ml

(The product is in pipeline and tested under scientific guidance which will be made available on getting necessary permission from competent authority.)

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