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Mahua Seed Cake

Mahua seed cake is the raw material left over after extraction of oil from Mahua seeds. It is a good source of proteins and is used as a detergent as well as a fertilizer. Mahua cake can be used either alone or in a mixture with other cakes. Mahua cake possesses insecticidal and pesticidal properties.

Contents in Mahua Seed Cake

Parameters Quantity
Nitrogen (%) 3.84 %
Phosphorous (%) 0.92 %
Potassium (%) 2.66 %
Protein (%) 24 %

Benefits of Mahua Seed Cake

  • It is truly organic manure which enhances the fertility of the soil.
  • It protects the plant from diseases.
  • Increases organic carbon and increase water holding capacity in soil.
  • Increases crops and soil immunity power.
  • It contains primary, secondary and micronutrients for crop growth.
  • It can be combined with any nitrogenous fertilizer for better results and urea to prevent the loss of nitrogen due to leaching & microbial action.
  • It increases the physical, chemical and biological properties in soil.
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