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N-OIL (Power of Neem)

Brief Description

N-OIL is water soluble botanical extract which has the capacity to act as repellent, antifeedent and insect growth regulator against more than 200 types of pests. It is efficient in management of most of the pest and degrades readily in the environment. It also helps in management of disease causing bacteria and fungi. It offers a long lasting effect.

Detailed Description

N-OIL shows noticeable effects and can be used for fruits, vegetables and flowers grown in open as well as in poly or shade net house structures. N-OIL works as a strong repellant and it protects the plants from harmful insects in the field. The botanical extract in N-OIL powerfully inhibits feeding by suppressing the digestive system. It affects the egg production, laying and hatchability of insects.


Botanical Extract: 90 %

Emulsifier: 10 %


Mix 3 ml N-OIL in 1 liter of water and spray evenly preferably in the morning or evening.


100 ml / 50 ml

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