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Perlite – Horticulture Grade

In horticultural applications, perlite is used throughout the world as a component of soil-less growing mixes where it provides aeration and optimum moisture retention for superior plant growth. Studies have shown that outstanding yields are achieved with perlite hydroponic systems. Other benefits of perlite are its neutral pH and the fact that it is sterile and weed-free. In addition, its light weight makes it ideal for use in container growing. It is used with equal success in greenhouse growing, landscaping applications and in the home in house plants.


Colour Gray (Off White)
Specific Gravity 2.2 - 2.4
Apparent Density 120 – 220 kg/cu. M.
pH Neutral
Water Adsorption 200 – 600 % by weight
Particle Size 6 – 20 I.S. Standard


  • Perlite makes moisture, oxygen and nutrients readily available to plants
  • Because of the unique shape of each particle, moisture and nutrients can cling to the crevices until the plant needs them.
  • The granular quality provides quick drainage of excess moisture and allows space for oxygen
  • Perlite particles have a closed cell structure with multiplicity of tiny crevices on their surface. These crevices trap water and hold it against drainage and evaporation, yet making it available to plant roots on demand.
  • Perlite provides more constant moisture status around the roots at all times irrespective of weather or stage of root growth.
  • Perlite culture avoids wastage of water and nutrients.
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