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SAI AAPS (Adjuvant Absorbent Penetrator Spreader)

SAI AAPS is low foaming non-ionic surfactant having unique properties of acting as adjuvant, absorbent, penetrator and spreader. It improves the wetting of foliage and enhances the efficacy of spray solution. It helps in lowering surface tension of spray solutions resulting in more uniform surface coverage.


  • Improves the performance of pesticides, fungicides, Water Soluble Fertilizers (WSF) and other spray solutions.
  • Improves spray deposition and spray retention to achieve maximum absorption.
  • Minimizes volatilization.
  • Provide rainfast performance supports to the spray solution to stay on leaf surface minimizing losses.
  • Ensure quick and enhanced spreading of spray solution on leaf surface with surface and cover faster penetration of applied product in the leaf.
  • Facilitates uptake of spray solutions into the plant tissues.
  • Compatible with most of the agricultural chemicals used by farmers.


    0.2 ml per liter spray of pesticides and WSF.

    0.3 ml per liter for herbicide solutions.


Compatible with all commonly used agrochemicals and Bio pesticides.


50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter.

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