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SAI POT MIX (Soilless Growing Media Mixture)

SAI POT MIX is all purpose soilless growing media mixture for all types of ornamental and kitchen gardening plants. Enrich with 100 % natural ingredients like pure neem fruit powder, mycorrhiza Cocopeat, Vermicompost, Vermiculite, Perlite, Cocochips etc. SAI POT MIX provides balanced nutrition to the growing plants reduces their water requirement and keeps them free from pests and diseases. The proportion of ingredients is carefully designed to maintain balance of physical, chemical and biological properties of ideal media mixture.


  • Easy to handle, readily available, light weight, growing media mixture with longer shelf life.
  • Free from weed seeds and harmful microorganisms.
  • Helps in healthy growth of all types of plants.
  • Helps in better water utilization hence reduces water requirement and frequency of watering.
  • Made from 100 % organic and natural ingredients. Safe for environment.
  • Provides all necessary nutrients in readily available organic from for longer period.

How to Use

Pot filling: Use SAI POT MIX directly for filling of pots for indoor or outdoor potted plants.

Existing Pots: Replace upper 1 – 2 inch layer of pot soil with SAI POT MIX.


1 kg, 5 kg, 25 kg

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