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SAI SLURICH (High Protein Organic Soil Health Enhancer)

SAI SLURICH is made from high quality natural protein source. It enhances population and activity of beneficial microorganism in the soil and improves physical, chemical and biological properties of soil. It is excellent solution for slurry preparation.


  • SAI SLURICH has excellent pH buffering capacity. It helps in maintaining soil pH and thereby improves nutrient uptake.
  • SAI SLURICH is rich source of readily available protein for soil microorganism as their food.
  • SAI SLURICH can be effectively used in slurry preparation.
  • Enhanced microbial activity helps in increasing availability of nutrients in the soil.
  • SAI SLURICH enhances fertilizer use efficiency and helps in reducing quantity of fertilizers.
  • Helps in developing healthy and vigorous plant root systems.


Fermenter byproduct of Vitamin / Enzyme industry.

Protein Content

60 – 80 %


20 Kg / Acre

How to use

    SLURRY – 1 (Per acre): Mix 20 kg SAI SLURICH IN 200 liters of water to make slurry allow it to ferment for 3 – 4 days and apply in active root zone by drenching.

    SLURRY – 2 (Per acre): Mix 20 kg SAI SLURICH in 200 liters of water to make slurry. Apply in the active root zone by drenching directly.

    Mix 20 kg of SAI SLURICH with any granular / powder fertilizer and apply.


20 kg Bag

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