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High quality, well researched and tested organic growing media for seedling preparation. Can be used in nursery seedling production in shade net, polyhouse and open conditions. Made from high quality organic ingredients. Provide better seed germination, profused rooting and healthy growth of seedling. Contains all essential nutrients in natural readily available form. Protects seedling from soil borne pests and diseases.

Contents in SAI PEAT SG:

Parameters Contents
pH 6.5 - 7
EC (dS/m) 0.6 - 0.7
C : N < 20


  • Balanced pH and EC to ensure better environment for seed germination.
  • Low C : N ratio helps in better plant growth.
  • Ensures maximum seed germination.
  • Supplies all required nutrients to seedlings in natural form.
  • Contains essential organic manures and beneficial microorganism.
  • Free from pathogenic bacteria and fungi.
  • Free from weed seeds and chemicals.

How to use:

Use SAI PEAT SG directly as growing media for seedling preparation in trays / bags / pots.


25 Kg Bag

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