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Seed testing is determining the standards of a seed lot viz., physical purity, moisture, germination thereby enabling the farming community to get quality seeds. The Seed Testing Laboratory is the hub of seed quality control. Seed testing is important for all those who produce, sell and use seeds. The quality of the seed lot very much depends on its health.


Seed moisture: The moisture content of seeds is one of the important factors influencing the period of time seeds will maintain their viability.

The objects of a moisture analysis are to find out the moisture content of a seed lot at the time it was sampled. Must be handled in such a way that its initial moisture proof container (metal or plastic), be submitted to the seed testing station without delay and analysed promptly upon arrival.

Germination percentage: The normal germination percentage is an estimate of the viability of a population of seeds. The germination speed provides a measure of the time course of seed germination. The vigour test can also be checked particularly in carried over seeds to recommend pre sowing treatment if required any as per guidance of scientist.

Physical Purity: When you buy seed, you expect to receive good seed and not with a high percentage of chaff, straw, sand, weed seed etc. The test is to determine percentage of admixture.

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