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Soya Meal Protein Rich Manure

Soya Meal Protein Rich Manure is waste material from pharmaceutical industry. Soya Meal Protein Rich Manure is rich source sodium, potassium and sulphates and other plant nutrients. The use of soya waste results in reduced toxicity and better utilization of plant nutrients like N, P & K.

The nutrients present in 10% soya waste-soil blending concentration and weathering conditions were supportive to the flowering growth of plants.

Ingredients present in Soya Meal Protein Rich Manure are essential nutrients at particular concentration and are supportive to the plant growth. Thus, utilization of Soya Meal Protein Rich Manure in agriculture saves costs on fertilizer and facilitates the reduction in pollution load.

Contents in Soya meal protein rich manure

Parameters Quantity
Moisture 10.24%
Protein 39.68
pH) 6.05


  • Promotes growth of beneficial microorganisms.
  • It contains primary, secondary and micronutrient for crop growth.
  • It increases the physical, chemical and biological properties in soil.
  • Regular use of Soya Meal Protein Rich Manure improves the quality of soil.
  • Increases growth, yield and quality of crops.
  • It is truly organic manure which enhances the fertility of the soil.
  • It supplements humus and increases the water holding capacity.
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