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Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Acetobacter (CFU: 2 x 109 Cells / ml)

SUN BIO ACETO is a biological fertilizer based on symbiotic Nitrogen-fixing aerobic bacteria Acetobacter or Gluconacetobacter. It can actively fix atmospheric nitrogen aerobically. It is found in symbiotic relationship with plants such as sugarcane and coffee by colonizing their internal tissues. Acetobacter is capable of surviving in high sugar concentrations.


  • The bacteria are known as black urea since it provides higher nitrogen requirement like urea.
  • SUN BIO ACETO is highly suitable for sugarcane.
  • This bio inoculant fixes nitrogen in roots, stems and leaves of sugarcane.
  • It also solublizes insoluble phosphorus to make it available to plants.
  • This bio inoculant promotes sugarcane growth and meets up to 80% of nitrogen requirement.
  • This bio inoculant also secretes some plant growth promoting substances.
  • SUN BIO ACETO can increase upto 10% of cane yield and also increase of sugar recovery by 0.5%.

Mode of Action

Nitrogen cannot be absorbed by the plants owing to the strong triple bonds between the nitrogen atoms making it inert and therefore non assimilable by plants. Glucanoacetobacter is capable of fixing Nitrogen in the roots, stems and leaves of Sugarcane plant. Glucanoacetobacter produces growth promoting substances such as Indole acetic acid (IAA), and gibberellins that promote root proliferation and increase the rootlet density and root branching which resulting in increased uptake of mineral and water which promotes cane growth and sugar recovery from the cane.


Sugarcane and cereal crops.

Dosage and Method of Application

Sett Treatment (Per kg)

Mix 10 ml of SUN BIO ACETO in 1liter of water and soak the setts for 30 minutes before planting in the main field. Do not store treated setts for more than an hour.

Soil application (Per Acre)

Mix 1-2 liters of SUN BIO ACETO with 100 Kg of compost/ FYM and apply within 3 months of planting.

Fertigation (Per Acre)

Mix 1-2 liters of SUN BIO ACETO in sufficient quantity of water. Filter the solution and use this solution in drip stream.


1000 ml / 5000 ml / 1000 gm

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