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Decomposing Culture (CFU: Rhizobium or Azotobacter or Azospirillum: 1 X 107 per g PSB: 1 X 107 per g KSB: 1 X 107 per g)

SUN BIO COMPACT PLUS is a consortium of aerobic microorganisms specially developed for composting or degrading organic wastes like press mud, spent wash, cow dung, poultry manure, coir pith, sugarcane trash, bagasse, city garbage and other agricultural wastes. This ecofriendly microbial compost starter culture helps to accelerate the organic matter decomposition with increased humification and shortened composting time. It is harmless to human beings, animals, birds and plants. It is fully biodegradable.


  • It accelerates the decomposition process to reach a more balanced C: N ratio within 6 - 8 weeks.
  • It accelerates and sustains temperature rise in compost heaps from 60-70° C.
  • Pathogens, pests and weed seeds are totally eliminated by this high temperature decomposition.
  • It produces growth stimulants that are required for plant growth.
  • It minimizes odor nuisances and helps in maintaining hygienic conditions in farms, compost yards, waste collection sites and garbage dumping yards.

Mode of Action

Composting is a process of decomposition of organic matter by a mixed population of microorganisms under warm, aerobic and moist condition. During composting process, the basic elements in the organic matter such as carbohydrates’, proteins, fat, cellulose and others, get degraded by microorganism to give a stable compound known as humus, which is excellent organic manure. While normal composting takes 4 to 5 Months, by using SUN BIO COMPACT PLUS, the composting is accelerated and decomposing is achieved within 2 months.


The decomposed material can be used for all types of crops.

Procedure for use

Moisten 1 ton of organic matter with water and keep it overnight. Make windrows or heaps of 1 meter height of organic matter in shade. Mix 1 kg of SUN BIO COMPACT PLUS in 50 - 100 liters of water and sprinkle this mixture on organic matter. If required, sprinkle water copiously and cover the heap with perforated poly sheet or gunny cloth. The heap should be moistened periodically to compensate evaporation losses. The entire heap should be left undisturbed till it matures. When the pile becomes cool and reduces to about 25 % of its original size, it is ready for use.

Dosage and Methods of Application

Soil Application (Per Acre):

Mix 1 kg of SUN BIO COMPACT PLUS with 50 - 100 kg of well decomposed manure or cake. Apply evenly on one acre of land. Ensure sufficient moisture in soil before application


1 kg

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