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BIO HOCOSTOP (EPN for White Grub Management)

BIO HOCOSTOP contains beneficial nematodes (EPN – Entomo Pathogenic Nematodes) widely accepted as bio control agents of the larval stage of white grubs. EPN live parasitically inside the infected insect host and produce large number of new juvenile entomopathogenic nematodes. These juveniles search for root grubs and termites and release cells of their symbiotic bacteria from their intestines into the insect body. The bacteria multiply in the insect and the infected host usually dies within 24 to 48 hours.


  • The beneficial nematodes in BIO HOCOSTOP seek out and kill all stages of harmful soil-dwelling insects.
  • They can be used to control a broad range of soil-inhabiting insects and above-ground insects in their soil-inhabiting stage of life.
  • Root grubs and termites which are major pests in sugarcane can be managed by using HOCOSTOP effectively.
  • HOCOSTOP provides chemical free long lasting control over white grubs.
  • Highly safe to humans and environment. No residual effects, no groundwater contamination and are safe to pollinators.


Infective Juveniles (IJ) of Heterorhabditis indica @ 5.1 X 104 per gram in 1 % WP formulation.

Target Pests

Root Grubs (White Grubs), Weevils and Cut Worms.


Sugarcane, Areca nut, Maize, Paddy, Cardamom, Potato, Brinjal, Ginger, Turf grass and Lawns.


1 – 2 kg HOCOSTOP per acre for all field crops including Sugarcane and 5 - 15 kg per acre for plantation crops

Usage Instructions

    Drenching: Mix 10 g BIO HOCOSTOP in 1 litre of water and drench around the infected plants.

    Broadcasting / Soil Application: Mix recommended dose in 200 kg of fine soil, sand or organic manure and apply near root zone of the crop.


1 kg

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