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Metarhizium anisopliae (1 x 108 Cells / ml)

SUN BIO META is a biological insecticide based on a selective strain of naturally-occurring entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae. Once the fungus spores attach to the surface of the insect, they germinate and begin to grow, penetrate the exoskeleton of the insect and grow very rapidly inside the insect causing the insect’s death. Other insects that come in contact with infected insects also become infected with the fungus.


  • SUN BIO META does not create resistance, resurgence or residue problems.
  • It is effectively controls the economically important pests of crops such as leaf hoppers, root grubs, Borers, cutworms, termites, palm weevils and sucking pest on different crops.
  • It is safe to natural enemies of pest such as beneficial parasites and beneficial predators and thus offers a long-lasting pest control.
  • It is good molecule for use in an IPM programme and thereby helps to reduce the pesticide load in the atmosphere.
  • It helps to increase productivity by improving the crop health through managing pests.
  • It is eco-friendly and helps to maintain the ecological balance.

Mode of Action

SUN BIO META (Metarhizium anisopliae) infects all stages of insects including eggs, larvae, pupae, nymphs and adults. The spores attach to insect cuticle / integuments; they germinate and penetrate insect body. The hyphae through enzyme action proliferate in insect body and cause mortality through a combination of chemical, mechanical, water loss and nutrient loss effects. The insect body ultimately gets covered with mycelium and spores which may get dispersed and cause subsequent infections. Certain toxins called destruxin produced by this fungus also cause the mortality of insects.

Dosage and Method of Application


Mix 5ml SUN BIO META in one liter of water and spray early morning or late evening.

For Termites / White Grubs

Soil Application (Per Acre)

Mix 1 liter of SUN BIO META with 50-100 kg of well decomposed manure or cake.


Mix 5-10 ml of SUN BIO META in 1 liter of water and apply near root zone by drenching.

Fertigation (Per Acre):

Mix 1-2 liter of SUN BIO META in water and apply in the root zone through drip system.


1000 ml / 5000 ml

(The product is in pipeline and tested under scientific guidance which will be made available on getting necessary permission from competent authority.)

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