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Paecilomyces lilacinus (1 x 108 Cells / ml)

SUN BIO NEMA is a biological product used in managing pathogenic nematodes in horticultural as well as agricultural crops. It has ability to colonize the eggs of a wide range of phytophagous nematodes. For protection of crop roots it is very easy and protective biotic method. It is effective on Meloidogyne spp. (root knot nematodes); Radopholus similis (burrowing nematode); Heterodera spp. and Globodera spp. (cyst nematodes); Pratylenchus spp. (root lesion nematodes); Rotylenchulus reniformis (reniform nematode); Nacobbus spp. (false root knot nematodes).


  • SUN BIO NEMA completely prevents the hatching of the nematode eggs in the soil.
  • SUN BIO NEMA effectively manages the economically important nematodes like root knot, burrowing, cyst, lesion etc. in wide range of crops.
  • Helps to increase the productivity by managing the nematode pests.
  • Effectively controls nematodes better than the conventional chemical pesticides.
  • Protects crops from nematodes throughout the crop period and hence avoids usage of chemical pesticides.
  • It is target specific and does not destroy beneficial organisms.
  • Does not leave harmful residues.
  • Environmental friendly and has no adverse effect on soil or plants or humans or animals.

Mode of Action

The fungus parasites on nematodes. It grows profusely on egg mass of the nematode and also penetrates the egg. The fungal hyphae which penetrate egg destroy and thus preventing further development.

Paceilomyces lilacinus on getting attached to the host forms a dense mycelium that gives rise to conidiophores. These bear phialides at the ends of which spores are formed in long chains. The spore of this fungus acts by infecting, parasitizing and killing eggs, juveniles and young adults of most phytophagous nematode species. The fungus produces an appressorium (a swelling on the end of the germ tube) which marks the start of invasion of insect. The appressorium produces a penetration peg that enters the external skin (cuticle) of the host. The fungus produces hyphae inside insect body which proliferate and start feeding on insect’s internal contents. When the spore of SUN BIO NEMA comes in contact with different stages of the nematodes, they germinate and grow and proliferate throughout the nematode eventually paralysing the nematode leading to the death of the nematode.

Paceilomyces lilacinus produces a serine protease that is toxic to eggs. It also produces proteases and chitinase enzymes that weaken nematodes so as to enable a narrow infection peg to be established and push through the insect’s exterior and pathogenesis it from within.

Dosage and Method of Application

Soil Application (Per Acre)

Mix 1 liter of SUN BIO NEMA with 50-100 kg of well decomposed manure or cake.


Mix 10 ml of SUN BIO NEMA in 1 liter of water and apply near root zone by drenching.

Fertigation (Per Acre)

Mix 1-2 liter of SUN BIO NEMA in water and apply in the root zone through drip system.


1000 ml / 5000 ml

(The product is in pipeline and tested under scientific guidance which will be made available on getting necessary permission from competent authority.)

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