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Trichogramma egg parasitoides:

Trichogramma chilonis recommended for control of sugarcane early shoot borer and internode borer, rice leaf folder, cotton bollworms, tomato fruit borer brinjal shoot and fruit borer, groundnut defoliator and diamond back moth on cabbage and cauliflower. Trichogramma japonicum useful for sugarcane top borer and rice yellow stem borer. Heat tolerant strains are also available.


  • Being egg parasitoid, Trichogramma destroys the pest before it emerges as from the egg.
  • By preventing the pest at early larval stage from feeding on the crop they help to avoid the cosmetic damage on the crop.
  • Eco-friendly, as they do not affect any beneficial organisms in and around the farm.
  • Cost effective and easy to handle for field release.
  • Can be used at any stage of crop period. It is a useful alternative when chemical control is not adoptable, due to crop canopy being not accessible to sprays.


  • Strips of tricho-cards should be stapled on the inner side of the leaf, to avoid direct exposure of egg surface to rain and sunlight
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  • Refrain from using chemical pesticides in the field where Trichogramma are released. If such need arises, use selective/ safer (Trichogramma compatible) pesticides, 7-10 days before or 5 days after release of parasitoids.
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